American Youth Projects (AYP) Fundraiser Roll-Out

Hello CMS and CJHS Band Parents,

It is that time of year again, AYP cards are in and we will be selling them to support the middle school and junior high band programs.  Fundraising is an integral part to running a successful band program, we use the money to purchase and repair equipment, bring in clinicians and extra instructors, as well as purchase new music and supplies.

We ask that everyone get involved both students and parents, bring an extra order form to work and put it in the break room, or the church coffee area.  My goal is to have to order more cards because my students and parents are selling them like hotcakes!!!

Instructions for the fundraiser:

  1. Go out and show people all the deals the card gives them by using your order taker. Each card is $15 (a change from the past) and has unlimited uses up to a year at participating locations.
  2. Bring the $15 to Ms. Menendez or Mr. Huls in a sealed envelope, and you will receive an AYP card the very next day to distribute to your buyers.  Cash is accepted, Checks made payable to CJHS Bands.
  3. Distribute cards to your buyers.


  1. We will award $50 to the top seller of each grade level, 6th 7th and 8th
  2. For every 5 cards sold you will receive 1 free. (so try and sell 5 before you buy one yourself)
  3. 8th graders get $3 per card sold toward there Carowinds Trip.

We will continue to sell AYP cards for the next few months as we have them, if we sell out we can always order more.  As always if you have any questions you can email Ms. Menendez or Mr. Huls with any questions or concerns.

Let’s get out there and start selling!!!

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