New Marching Band Uniforms and Weekly Announcements

Week at a Glance:


Tuesday: Marching Percussion clinic 4:00-5:30 pm

Wednesday: No Jazz Band

Thursday: Marching Percussion clinic 4:00-5:30 pm


New Uniform Reveal

At the annual Trojan Band BBQ, we revealed our new uniforms to the public for the first time. The purchase of the uniforms was made possible through a partnership between school administration, board of education, and booster club.

The uniform features many adaptable components to allow modernization of the Trojan Band look that will aide in our competitive pursuits while allowing us to make choices for a traditional look during appropriate performances. The shako (hat) has a modern wrap that continues the look consistently up to the plume, which can be removed to expose a traditional black shako with an embroidered Trojan Emblem.

When designing the uniforms the directors looked at the past uniforms because they wanted to bring back some of the traditional elements. These were some of the prominent features noticed when taking a look back.

The new uniform brings back the traditional white coats and retains the Greek “C” that was featured in the uniforms of the early 2000’s. The 3 stripes in the circa 2010’s uniform representing the past, current, and future are featured on the right side of the uniform. A modern drop continues the color down the right leg to highlight movement and add to the overall contrast for the performers on the field. The dual colored sleeves of the uniform allows for 4 distinct looks while on the field depending on if the band is facing North, South, East, or West. This fresh modernized competitive uniform for our Trojan Band allows us to be prepared for current competitions while honoring our tradition and legacy. We are very excited to debut these uniforms next fall!!

Upcoming Trojan Band Member and Parent (Booster) Meeting

Please put this on your calendar! May 20th will be our 2021-2022 Information Meeting which will include rising Freshman through Senior parents and students. We will spend plenty of time walking through what it means to be in the CHS Trojan Band and Band Boosters next year, provide information to help parents and students get ready, and more! We will also have the CHS Band Store open for those who want some additional merch!

Upcoming Important Dates:

5/17-5/20: Spring Training 4:00-6:00 pm *For all upcoming 9th grade brass and woodwind marchers*

5/17-5/20: Drum Camp 4:00-6:15 *Required for all high school percussionists marching next year*

5/20: Trojan Band Member/Parent Meeting *required for all students and families participating in high school band next year*

5/21: Thunderzone field trip

5/25: Spring Concert 6 PM at the Mabry Arts Center (earlier than normal since we are sharing with the high school band).

7/19-7/23: Band Camp 8:00 AM- 9:00 PM

7/26-7/30: Band Camp 1:00 PM- 9:00 PM

We have a fun yet busy next couple of weeks leading in to summer break. These students are working HARD and I commend them for pushing through all the way until the end. Thank you so much for your support and I look forward to speaking to many of you at our Spring Concert!


Ms. Menendez