Trojan Band Game Thursday

Thursdays 8th Grade Football game is a home game and will occur at Grisham Stadium at the HS.

Here is the Itinerary:

4:45pm – Students arrive to the Don Hall Band Room at the HS (behind the away stands) in uniform.

5:20pm – Play Pre-game and National Anthem in the stands

5:30pm – Game Starts

6:15pm – Eat pizza at the HS Band Room during half time.

7:00pm – Pickup for the HS Band Room.

A couple of friendly reminders:

  1. I will need several parents to come help move equipment, setup, tear down, and pizza service.  Please email me if you are available.
  2. If your child needs to stay after school until 4:45pm they will be allowed to, they will meet me right after school and we will walk as a group to the HS band room.  They should have something quiet to work on (like homework) at the HS.
  3. Nothing will occur at the Junior High band room for this game, drop off and pick up should be at the HS band room behind the away stands at the HS stadium.

Thanks all

Mr. Huls

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