Cookie Dough Due Tomorrow

Hello all,

A friendly reminder that all cookie dough orders are due tomorrow.  Please be sure to check the following items before turning in your order.

  1.  Make sure your order and your money match.  (please double check this) remove any names of people that did not pay.
  2. Place all cash, and checks into one envelope, write your name on it, and staple it to the order form.
  3. Be sure to write the total number of boxes at the bottom of the form.
  4. Do not use dash marks for number of boxes, use actual numbers (sometimes two dashes looks like 11 boxes and not 2)
  5. If you sold 10 or more add a name at the bottom of the order called “FREE BOX” and pick which one you want, this can be factored into your bottom total but not the cost of the order.

I will be counting the orders this week and will get them shipped off immediately.

Still one more night to sell, keep going!!!!!!!


Mr. Huls

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