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CJHS Band Room Work Session

Good afternoon,

We are SO close to being back in session. This year will be one for the books! As we prepare for the school year there are a few tasks that will need to be done to begin our school year correctly.

I will host work sessions tomorrow, Tuesday the 1st, from 10 AM-noon as well as 3:00-4:30 pm.

Tasks that we will complete include:

  • Instrument set up
  • Music stand assembly (bring tools if possible)
  • Music stand spray painting
  • Copies of warm-ups, music, and the syllabus.
  • Room setup
  • Roster refinement

If you or your student are available to help at either session, please contact me and

Enjoy the rest of your break and I hope to see some of you soon as you come in for your open house appointments with your homeroom teachers!


M. Menendez


Good evening,

We are entering our last week of school and plan on ending the year with fun! Students will play their instruments in class on Monday and Tuesday but will not on Wednesday. They may bring card games and board games for when and if we finish early on either day with our assignments.

Rookie Spring Training:

8th-grade brass, woodwind, and percussionsts who are participating in marching band next year have their Spring training on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Training is from 4-6 PM at the CHS band room. Ms. Menendez will walk the students down after 6th block. Please wear atheltic clothing and comfortable shoes.

I am excited to see the students tomorrow!


M. Menendez

Rookie Spring Training

Good morning,

If you are participating in marching band next year (current 8th graders), we have Spring training on Monday and Tuesday the 23-24th from 4-6 at the CHS band room. We will prepare the students for band camp, introduce them to our leadership team, prepare them for the 4th of July parade, and hand out important information. This is for brass, woodwinds, and percussion only.

Ms. Menendez will walk the students to the CHS band room after school at 3:40. Please wear athletic clothing and athletic shoes.

-M. Menendez

5/16-5/20 Announcements

Good evening,

Our 8th graders had a wonderful trip to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. We ate a lot, played a lot, and rode plenty of rides. The chaperones and school system allowed for this trip to run smoothly and I hope that our students made unforgettable memories. Thank you to the band staff and chaperones for attending the trip with us! I look forward to making more memories with our 8th graders before summer they move on to the high school band. Congratulations on a great trip and performance!

Spring Concert:

Our last concert of the year is this Tuesday, May 17th at 6 PM at the Mabry Arts Center. Report time is 5:15 for both grades.

I look forward to wrapping up our year with amazing music. Feel free to stay after the CJHS portion to hear an unbelievable concert by our high school band program. This will be a night to remember!


Ms. Menendez

5/8-5/13 Announcements

Monday: 7th Grade after school rehearsal until 5:00 PM

Tuesday: 8th Grade after school rehearsal until 5:00 PM

Wednesday: No Jazz band after school/8th Grade Tie Dye Carowinds Shirts during class.


Friday: Carowinds Field Trip for 8th grade


I look forward to our last rehearsal of the year for our Spring Concert. Our Spring Concert is Tuesday, May 17th at 6 PM. The music for this concert cycle is exciting and we cannot wait to polish it up for you all to hear. Please ensure that your student attends this rehearsal as it is the only one for this concert.

Carowinds (8th grade only):

We depart for our Carowinds field trip this Friday at the conclusion of testing. We are aiming to depart as close to 11 AM as possible. Students will be fed Publix subs once they report to the band room. My goal is to have the luggage labeled so that our chaperones can load the luggage onto the charter busses as the students finish testing and eating. Students do not need to bring anything to school other than their luggage for the trip. A packing list and detailed itinerary will be sent home this week.

Tie Dye shirts volunteers:

If you are available to assist us in tie dying our shirts for Carowinds on Wednesday between 1:10 and 3:30 I would really appreciate it. We will need volunteers to bring some of the t shirts home to wash them so that the color can set in. Shirts will be labeled so that we can pass them out to each student the next day.

School Dance Volunteers:

Thank you to all of those that volunteered at the school dance! Our band fundraised money that will be put towards instruments that our growing band program needs. I am thankful that you all are so willing to help.

I look forward to another great week!


M. Menendez

4/25-5/29 Announcements

Week at a Glance:

Wednesday: Jazz band until 4:30

Thursday: Thunderzone Field Trip/Marching Band Meeting at CHS *Required for all rising 8th-grade members participating in the marching band*

Friday: CJHS Spring Dance *Parent volunteers needed*

West Georgia Winds:

Congratulations to the following band members for participating in the inaugural season of West Georgia Winds: Samantha Lin, Julia Hume, Cadence Carr, Ann Haley, Haley Rowell, Samuel Wimberly, Cheyenne Crowder, Tyler Clotfelter, Yael Ramirez, Skyler Hutcheson, Jonathan Walton, Aileen Yanney, Ava McGrath, Samuel Duncan, Telia Williams, Jasper Bereznak, Eduin Martinez, Dylan Sceals, Everest Gantt, Dylan Sapp, Cameron Hendrix, and Mason Taylor.

The students performed a fabulous concert this evening. The extra commitment and work put in to participate in this prestigious ensemble is admirable. Our band program is proud of you for representing Carrollton so well!

High School Audition Results:

Please visit to view the chair placement results for the high school program next year. Great job to all of our students and I am excited to see them play in Grisham Stadium on Friday nights!

All marching band members have a mandatory meeting this Thursday at the CHS band room at 7 PM. All dates, finances, rules, and schedules for next year will be discussed. In addition, the marching show for next year will be announced!

Thunderzone Field Trip:

This Thursday will be our annual Thunderzone field trip. The itinerary is posted below.

10:32 Students report to the cafeteria (chaperones may report to CJHS earlier if needed)

10:45 Depart for lunch

11:30 Eat at Golden Corral

12:45 Clean up and depart  

1:00 Arrive at Thunderzone

3:15 Depart for CJHS

3:55 (Estimated) arrival at CJHS. Student pick up in car rider line. 

Golden Corral: 6975 Douglas Blvd, Douglasville, GA 30135

Thunderzone: 3140 Bright Star Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135

Dance Volunteers:

The CJHS band is in charge of concessions at the dance this Friday. I will need some parent volunteers to assist in selling food and drinks in the concession stands. Please email me individually if you are willing to volunteer. Thank you so much!

Upcoming Dates:

7th Grade After School Rehearsal: May 9th until 5 PM

8th Grade After School Rehearsal: May 10th until 5 PM

Carowinds Field Trip: May 13th-14th

Spring Concert: May 17th @ 6 PM

Spring Training Dates: May 23-24 Time Be Announced

We are going to have a FUN end of the semester. Have a wonderful evening and I look forward to seeing our students tomorrow.

-M. Menendez

4/11-4/15 Announcements

Week at a glance:

Monday: 8th grade Drumline auditions @CHS 3:45-6:15

Tuesday: 8th grade Drumline auditions @CHS 3:45-6:15

Wednesday: Jazz Band until 4:30 (extended time)/ 8th grade Drumline auditions 3:45-5:30

Thursday: High school and Spring concert chair test auditions @CHS

Friday: Thunderzone field trip $ Due

Good evening,

I hope that you all had a restful Spring Break! I am excited to prep for our Thunderzone field trip, Carowinds with 8th grade, and our Spring Concert! This is always an exciting time of the year!

High School Drumline Auditions:

All 8th graders who are looking to audition for a spot in the front ensemble or drumline for next Fall will need to attend auditions. All auditions are located at the CHS band room. Please contact Mr. Nelson: with any questions or concerns.

  • April 11 – 12: 3:45pm – 6:15pm
  • April 13 3:45pm – 5:30pm
  • April 14 – students will participate in “Band Auditions” for class placement
  • April 18-19 3:45pm – 6:15pm

CHS Winterguard

Reis Grimes, Jada Vinson, Elizabeth Moomey, and Aileen Yanney all spent part of their winter rehearsing with the Carrollton Junior High Cadet Guard. Additionally, Tori Branson served as the team manager for both Carrollton Winterguards.

The JH Cadet Guard earned many strong placements during the season in their class and even performed in Chattanooga, Tennessee at the SAPA Championships. These are outstanding students who are leaders in their school, their band classes, and on the floor with the JH winter guard. I am so proud of them and all of their hard work! Congratulations on a great season!

High School and Spring Concert Chair Test Auditions

All 8th graders will walk over to the CHS band room with Ms. Menendez this Thursday to audition. Instead of hosting two auditions, we are hosting one audition and will use the results to place the CJHS 8th graders for Spring Concert as well as class placement for those band members continuing on the high school band. The students have all of the audition information in Google Classroom. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing the students tomorrow!


M. Menendez


Good morning,


We have been on a journey these past few weeks. Our 7th and 8th-grade bands performed at the annual Large Group Performance Evaluation and played thrilling concerts for the audience and judges. The students focused and worked very hard for this performance. I am thankful for all of the hard work that they put into perfecting these performances.


I am excited to announce our annual Thunderzone field trip on Thursday, April 28th.

Form Due: Friday, April 1st

Money Due: Friday, April 15th

The form is attached below:

Date: Thursday, April 28th

10:30 Students report to the cafeteria

10:45 Depart for lunch

11:30 Eat at Golden Corral

12:45 Clean up and depart 

1:00 Arrive at Thunderzone

3:15 Depart for CJHS

3:55 (Estimated) arrival at CJHS. Student pick up in car rider line. 

Cost: $30 cash or check written out to CJHS Band. You may also pay on Revtrak under “CJHS BAND MISC. PAYMENT – OPEN AMOUNT”:

Chaperones will pay $30 as well if they would like to attend as a chaperone. It is a fantastic field trip and is lots of fun!


Ms. Menendez

LGPE Week!

Good evening,

The week is finally here.

Monday: 7th Grade after school rehearsal until 5/ Raffle ticket fundraiser due

Tuesday: 8th Grade after school rehearsal until 5

Wednesday: Jazz band until 4:15

Thursday: 7th grade LGPE Performance

Friday: 8th grade LGPE Performance

Raffle Fundraiser

Our raffle fundraiser is due tomorrow. Please ensure that your students turn in all raffle money and their white portion of the ticket. I hope to do the drawing on Wednesday morning after calculating all of the final payments. Good luck to all that bought a ticket and I am thankful for everyone’s participation!

LGPE Schedule

I cannot say enough about how hard these students have been working on this music. We are excited to push this week into our Large Group Performance Evaluation concert.

Please pay attention to the schedules below. All students need to prepare their formal all black attire for LGPE and bring it with them the morning of their performance. Students will be bussed to and from the Carroll County Performing Arts Center.

7th Grade: March 17th

1:30 Report to band room 

2:00 Depart 

2:15 Arrive @ Carroll County Performing Arts Center

3:00 Watch Band

3:30 Warm Up

4:00 Perform

5:00 Depart

5:15 Arrive at CJHS

8th Grade: March 18th

1:00 Report to band room 

2:30 Depart

2:45 Arrive @ Carroll County Performing Arts Center

3:30 Watch Band

4:00 Warm Up

4:30 Perform

5:30 Depart

5:45 Arrive @ CJHS

Having a large audience would mean the world to us as well. We hope that you and your loved ones are able to be there at the Carroll County School Performing Arts Center.

775 Old Newnan Rd, Carrollton, GA 30116

Let’s have a GREAT week!


M. Menendez