Monday: Percussion Ensemble until 4:15

Tuesday: Carowinds Rehearsal mandatory for ALL student travelers until 4:30

Wednesday: Jazz Band until 4:15

Thursday: Band auditions (7th) in class and at CHS band room (8th grade)

Friday: Carowinds Trip for 8th grade band students

Jazz Band State Capitol Performance

Congratulations to our CJHS Jazz Band on an outstanding performance last week. The students visited the College Football Hall of Fame, the CNN Center for lunch, and then performed at our state capitol in Atlanta, Georgia. What a great way to serve our capitol guests and community!


7th grade auditions during class on Thursday, April 13th. Students have their etude recordings in Google Classroom that will provide a useful tool for practicing. Please remember that this places our 7th graders in their class for next year. Placements will be made for our Carrollton Middle School Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble.

8th grade auditions will occur at the CHS Band room on Thursday. The link to sign up for an audition time will be posted in Google Classroom very soon.

*All 8th graders will audition. This one auditions serves both as our Spring Concert Placements as well as high school placements for those that are continuing on to high school band.*

Carowinds Itinerary/Rehearsal on Tuesday until 4:30

Our itinerary is posted below for all 8th grade Carowinds travelers. Please ensure that money is packed for our meals that our on our own as well as souvenir money. Breakfast on Saturday morning as well as one meal in the park are already included in the trip purchase.

*Carowinds is now a cashless park. Student will want to bring a card or turn in their money at the park at a cash to card machine located inside of Carowinds*

Carowinds Packing List:

Columbus State University Field Trip: 4/20

If your students are interested in traveling to Columbus, Georgia to tour the music school, hear a chamber concert, and watch the CSU Wind Ensemble and organ rehearse in Legacy Hall, please fill out the following field trip form. The field trip is $10 per student.

Schwob School of Music
Columbus State University
4225 University Ave.
Columbus, GA 31907


Schedule April 20th:

9:30 am Depart CJHS

11:00-11:25 Cici’s Pizza

11:30-11:45 Travel to CSU/Unload

12:00-1:00 Chamber Concert

1:00-1:30 Tour of Schwob School of Music

1:30-2:30/3:00 Watch WE in Legacy Hall

3:15: Depart for CJHS

4:45 Arrive at CJHS

This is going to be a great last 9 weeks at CJHS. I am proud of our students so far and cannot wait to celebrate during the rest of the year with them!


Ms. Maria Menendez