CHS Band NYC Fundraiser Opportunity

The Carrollton High School Marching Band will travel to New York City next school year. If your student has signed up, please consider joining in on the high school band’s chocolate candy bar fundraiser. It is the exact same as ours from the Fall and will earn your student $25 off of their NYC fees with each box sold. Instructions from Mr. Carr are listed below.

8th Graders in Winterguard or 8th Graders who are traveling with us to NY next year:

  • You can participate in the fundraiser too!
  • Please send an email using this link: Mr. Carr and Ms. Menendez or just include us both in the email
  • You can pick up your chocolate by visiting Ms. Menendez or by visiting the high school band room
  • Please bring collected money to the high school band room. We are here until 4:00pm each day, so you could bring it over right after school or your parents can visit during the school day as well. Ms. Dothard is available to assist between 8:00AM and 4:00PM.
  • You will earn $25 for your winterguard fees or your NY trip by participating in this fundraiser.


M. Menendez