Concert Attire Donations Needed

Good afternoon,

Below are some needs for some of our students for their concert uniform. Before I shop in the community I wanted to see if anyone had these items at home that they would be willing to donate:


Black Dress Pants: size 14

Black Dress Shoes: size 7.5 and 8 (two separate students)


Black Dress Pants: size 38

Black Dress Shoes: size 10.5

District Honor Band:

Below is the schedule for tomorrow for those of you auditioning for District Honor Band:

Students should consider bringing a CJHS music stand with them or a portable music stand for the warm up room. 

The bus departs at 11:00 from the JH school Saturday morning. Please make sure that your student has all of their music and their instrument with them. Students may not wear jeans and need to dress at least business casual for this audition.

Students will need about $10 for lunch at a pizza buffet on the way home if they plan on riding the bus back.

I am hoping that the students will be home earlier than 5:30 PM. The students will be in contact with you when they are leaving the pizza buffet so that you can have an accurate time to pick them up from the JH school.

The actual Carrollton audition time is at 2:00 but since I am set to work in the warm up area that Saturday I will try to push our kids through a little earlier so that they can go home sooner! Students riding separately need to arrive around 12:45 for a quick warm up and then get in line around 1:15.

Address: (different address than last year)

Cartersville Middle School

825 Douthit Ferry Road

Cartersville, Ga 30120

I am SO proud of all of the students who practiced since August for tomorrows audition. You have grown so much! I will see you there.

-M. Menendez