Shoutouts and reminders for Friday

Good evening,

Two quick shoutouts to our fantastic students! They have been working very hard on their pass off lines.

As of today, Connor Haley became the first student to pass off all 9 of his lines as well as all 6 of his CJHS Band Mentor lines!

Sarah Scholl performed all 9 of her pass off lines correctly in a row AND four of her CJHS Band Mentor lines as well for a total of 13 lines in a row!

Congratulations to both of you and great work band on your pass off lines!

All 9 pass off lines are due by the end of the 9 weeks. Keep encouraging your students to come in the mornings, stay after on Wednesdays or to pass off in class on Wednesdays.

Due this Friday:

Band Fee $40

Percussion Fee $25 (percussion only)

School Owned Instrument Fee $50 (or $25 a semester) (School owned instruments only)

Trojan Band $25 for new students and $10 for students who need a replacement of hat or shirt

All fees may be paid through cash, check (written out to CJHS BAND) or online below:

This year so far has been incredible. The 8th grade came back from the summer hungry for a challenge and the 7th grade has blown me away with their talent! Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you for supporting your students and their music education.


Ms. Menendez