Rehearsals and Symphonic Camp

Good evening,

This week we begin our first Large Group Evaluation rehearsals. This is our most intensive part of the year so having students present at all rehearsals, concerts, and our Symphonic Camp is vital. These events are also a grade as this course is a performance based course. Missing a single student makes a big difference since each student carries so much weight in our ensemble. Please make sure that if you see any conflicts in any way that you contact me as soon as you know. Here is our schedule for the semester.

This week:

Monday: 7th grade after school rehearsal until 5.

Tuesday: 8th grade after school rehearsal until 5.

Saturday: Symphonic Camp @ CJHS 9 AM – 12 PM (Noon).

Students report at 8:30 AM to CJHS. Teaching occurs from 9 AM – 12 PM. At noon students are dismissed if they need to leave but are encouraged to stay for fellowship time in the cafeteria. We will have Chick-fil-A along with chips, sodas, and homemade desserts. Students will play board games, video games, dance to music or play outside if desired! 

Our staff is driving from all across the state to come and teach our students! Students are also going to be taught by a guest conductor who teaches at one of the best middle school band programs in our state! Ms. Murphy’s Bio can be found here:

If you are able to volunteer at our Symphonic Camp through serving food or donating a dessert or side please contact me at

AYP Cards:

AYP Cards are hopefully set to be delivered the week of February 18th. Go ahead and start rounding up your customers!

L.G.P.E. Concerts:

February 21st and March 13th are the concerts that we are aiming towards right now. Both our Pre- L.G.P.E. concert and the actual adjudicated L.G.P.E. concert occur at the Carrollton Performing Arts Center, not the Mabry Arts Center on campus. Students will be bussed to and from both concerts. Times are being finalized with our district host at the moment and will be shared with you once I know them.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Ms. Menendez