Carowinds/Concert Grades/Band Jackets

Good afternoon,

Wow! Last night was incredible! Thank you so much for coming and watching the students and for raising some great kids. They are responsible, respectful, professional, and helpful. On top of that they produce some beautiful music! They are growing in so many ways and I am excited to see where we go next. If you would like to watch the concert again or share it click here.

If your child has missed either the Fall Concert or the Winter Concert they MUST make up that grade. If they do not then their test grade is a 30 in the grade book. The rehearsal makes up 30 points and the concert is the remaining 70. If you know that they missed a concert help me stay on top of them to make it up.

Carowinds (8th Grade Only)

The next installment of $50 for the Carowinds field trip is Due December 18th. That is this upcoming Tuesday. Please ensure that we get that money in as soon as possible. You may pay online here –>

As of December 18th all chaperones and students should have $100 towards their trip paid.

If you are able to be a sponsor for any student or you know someone who is willing to donate money to help a student go to Carowinds please let me know.

Below is a PDF of the people that I have going on the trip. Please make sure that it is correct, especially chaperones!

Carowinds Payments

Band Jackets are set to come in this Friday!

All students including our tubas and baritones need to bring their instruments home for Winter break. Please coordinate a ride for that instrument to go home for break.

Have a great rest of the week!


M. Menendez