8th Grade Night/Trojan Band Game/Cookie Dough

Good morning,

We have a LOT going on this week so please pay special attention to the following information.

This Friday is 8th Grade Night! This is a required event for all 8th grade band members. Students will stay after school with me to walk over. They can wear jeans and a T-shirt because we will provide them with a free T-shirt this Friday to change into that is made especially for them. Below is the itinerary that I stole from the high school website.

  • 4:45 pm Report time (leadership should be there early to greet the 8th graders)
  • 5:00 pm Pre-Game Rehearsal
  • 5:30 pm Dinner/Change (provided by boosters)
  • 6:25 pm Uniform check/rehearse stands tunes
  • 6:40 pm depart for the Amp/Pregame
  • 7:30 pm kick-off
    • All 8th grade students will stay for the duration of the game. I will use Remind and also allow them to text you the progress of the game so that you can pin point an accurate pick up time. 

  • Trojan Band Game this Thursday!
    • Students may stay after school with me or get a ride back to the high school band room. Report time is 4:45 at the latest.
    • If you would like to volunteer please let me know!

  • Cookie Dough 
    • It is set to be delivered this Thursday. I will let you know of the exact time once I know it.
    • Volunteers are always appreciated. The cookie dough will come pre-sorted this year so we will just have to hand it to the right kid instead of sorting it ourselves.

  • Legacy of Champions Band Competition
    • This Saturday is our band competition! If you have volunteered to help out then you will receive an email from one of our band boosters providing information for you this week.
    • If you are a student then I will tell  you your specific location and report time again during class this week.

      Thank you all for being so supportive and assisting in any way that you can. This ship would not sail without you all!


Ms. Menendez