L.G.P.E. and important announcements

Good morning,

It was an honor performing on stage with our 7th and 8th grade bands the past two days at Large Group Performance Evaluation. I have so many compliments to give our students but I want to first thank our parents for their support during this busy time of the year. Thank you for allowing them to stay a little later once a week and for bringing them to our Symphonic Camp in February. The memories from last night will stick with them for a long time and I feel that their hard work paid off.

I received numerous compliments these past two days on the professionalism and the musicality of our group. People have sent emails and taken the time to stop me to congratulate our program on their performance.

I am proud to say that our 7th grade band received three Superiors (1s) on stage and an Excellent (2) in sight reading! Our 8th grade band received two Superiors on stage (1s) and one Excellent on stage (2) and a superior in sight reading!

Here you can see the ratings that are obtained from the ensembles for the performance and sight reading at LGPE. This is directly from the GMEA handbook.

Superior (1): Outstanding performance. Worthy of distinction of being recognized as among the very best.
Excellent (2): Unusually good performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects. A performance of distinctive quality.
Good (3): A good performance, but not one that is outstanding. Shows accomplishment and marked promise, but lacks one or more essential qualities.
Fair (4): A performance that shows some obvious weaknesses, generally weak and uncertain.
Poor (5): A performance which reveals much room for improvement. The students reveal almost a complete lack of preparedness and understanding.

I am always so proud of these students and their hard work. They allow me to push them daily in class and are growing in many ways from nights like Tuesday and Wednesday by performing on a stage and pouring their hearts into the music. I appreciate their courage and work ethic!

I hope that those of you going on this amazing trip have begun paying for it! Don’t let the deadlines sneak up on you! Super Holiday Tours has 4 deadlines for payments, and one is quickly approaching! March 23rd is the due date to have $459 paid on each account! Remember, you have already paid $50 as a deposit, so you will need to have paid an additional $419 by March 23rd. Super Holiday Tours will be handling delinquent accounts this time.

ALL travelers need to register on the Super Holiday Tours Website at www.superholiday.com and going to Online Trip Registration. Our trip code is: CHS 30117-18B. Please complete that registration ASAP! All the accounting for the trip is being done by them so they need you to register so they can apply the funds you have paid to your account.

AYP!!!! Please continue selling AYP cards. We still have plenty left. $15 cash or check (made out to CJHS Band) 


Ms. Menendez