Thank you and Wrap up

Hello all,

Thank you again for supporting your children and our band program here at CJHS. I felt very proud after our performance last night. The kids did a great job. 

As we begin wrapping up the semester I want to make sure that you all check your grade book, and get anything made up before next week Wednesday. 

If your child missed an after school rehearsal or a performance they will need to attend 3 of my morning practice sessions. The band room opens at 7:45am. I will be out of town next week Wednesday – Friday before break. So their will only be 5 more sessions. 

Also the students begin chair testing this Thursday for festival seating. You should hear them at home working on their chair test material. I am going to try and get them done this week to allow the students to focus solely on academics next week for their benchmarks. 

I am so thankful for having such wonderful and supportive families. Thank you so much. 

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