Parent Volunteers for Tonight

As you know we have our 8th grade band night at the high school, where our awesome 8th grade band has an opportunity to experience a Friday night with the award winning CHS Trojan Band.

If you would like to come and help tonight to watch your child and help out with supervision and any other chaperone duties please email me, and then meet us at the practice field at around 6:30pm and we will all walk to the stadium together for the game.  Try and wear a black hoodie, coat or t-shirt so we all kind of match.

Duties mainly include:

  • Sit near the band and watch students in the stands
  • Assist any students with equipment that may be heavy
  • Help anyone who has an emergency
  • Walk around concession area during 3rd quarter
  • Help monitor everyone is picked up at the end of the night

Thanks all, its going to be a chilly one tonight so make sure you supply your child with a coat or hoodie.

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