Cookies and Football

Hello all. Here is some info for you as you plan the rest of the week. 


I still need a few parents to volunteer as I only have 2 at the moment. The actual delivery time should be around 11am so not as early as I originally thought. If you can help please email me. 

Students will need to take them home after school.  Remember large orders will require pickup from school. 


We also have a Trojan band game after school at 5:30pm. I have asked that all students go home and come back at 5pm to the HS band room. 

If your child cannot get home and back that is fine but it would really help us to pack up cookie dough and prepare for the game without the extra burden of watching so many kids. 
Pickup should be around 7pm from the HS band room. 
Committee members let’s meet at 5:00pm at the HS Band Room. 

Thanks all

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