DHB and Lesson Instructors

Hello All,

Now that we are done with our first round of chair tests, and our DHB materials have been passed out, I thought it might be good to let you know about some private lesson opportunities to help improve chair position or prepare for the DHB audition in December.  Here is our list of instructors for this year.

Flute – Elisa Lyle                                          elisaflute@bellsouth.net

Bassoon / Oboe –Mike Maxwell             maxwemike@gmail.com

Clarinet – Kyle Willoughby                       kwillou1@my.westga.edu

Saxophone – Benjamin Lively                 blively2@my.westga.edu

Trumpet – Zoe Kriegel                               Zkriege1@my.westga.edu

French Horn – Casey Hitzges                   chitzge1@my.westga.edu

Trombone – Keidis Smith                          ksmith70@my.westga.edu

Bartone / Tuba – Jon Buchholz               Jbuchho1@my.westga.edu

Percussion – Josh Robichaux                  josh.robichaux@carrolltoncityschools.net

Please email them directly and setup a time to meet at the CJHS band room.  For most 7th and 8th graders a 30 min lesson once a week will make a huge difference in their playing and confidence and will also help them get prepared for their DHB audition in December.  Lessons from our college students will cost no more than $15 half an hour.

I hope you consider signing up for a weekly lesson here at the band room.

Thanks all.

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