A New Year

Hello all,

Thank you for subscribing to the website, please remember to also get signed up for Remind 101 text message alerts.  Yesterday was an awesome first day and I am so excited to start making music with each of my classes.  As the first semester gets rolling I’d like to send out a few friendly reminders to get us started off right.

Forms and Fees:

I handed out an abundance of forms, and a handbook at our open house and yesterday in class, they are due back by Friday Aug 26th along with any fees associated.  If you did not receive them they should be in the “Forms” tab on this website and you can print them off.

Online Payment:

The revtrak website for online payment is not up yet to do payments for band, but I will let you know as soon as it is.


I have not yet punched in our calendar into the website yet but I will once I get dates finalized, I am still waiting on some scheduling information regarding the Mabry Arts Center and a few other dates and events.  As soon as the calendar is set I will punch it all in.

Trojan Spirit Band:

I got the football schedule and I am putting together the Trojan Band and it doesn’t look like we have a game until September 8th, so that would mean we would have the first (and only) after school practice on Tuesday September 6th from 3:30 – 5pm.  I will add all of the dates to the calendar very soon.

Please check back soon to sync your calendars.


Mr. Huls


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