Two More Big Events for 8th Graders

Band BBQ – Thursday Night

Thursday night at 5:30pm the entire 8th grade band will be joining the Trojan Marching Band to perform at our annual Band BBQ.  Please come out to hear your awesome kids play some very fun music.  Please remember this event is for all 8th graders.  Here is the itinerary:

5:30pm – 8th graders should arrive at the HS band room in Band Polo, and Khaki shorts, and tennis shoes.

6pm – Performance time in Grisham Stadium, Buy a ticket and eat some BBQ while you watch.

7pm – The performance concludes.


Carowinds – Friday – Saturday

Your child will need to come to school until 9:30am, they can bring their one small luggage bag down to the band room first thing in the morning.  All chaperones should report at 9:30am as well.  These folks are:

Mrs. Niki Nunez (Chaperone), Mrs. Kari Svegl (Chaperone)

Mr. Barry Harris (Chaperone), Mrs. Meridith Harris (Chaperone)

Mr. Ronald Best (Chaperone), Mr. Derek Skinner (Chaperone)

Mrs. Sonya Shell (Chaperone) Mrs. Katie Reed (Chaperone)

Mrs. Rebecca Schoenfeld (Chaperone)  Mrs. Jean Conley (Chaperone)

Mrs. Jennifer Engilbird (Chaperone)  Mrs. Stacey Fletcher (Chaperone)

Mrs. Sri Kolli (Chaperone)  Ms. Chasnee Grier (Chaperone)

Mrs. Shandra McDaniel (Chaperone)

I will have a lot more info for you about the entire weekend when you get here.

Thanks all, this is going to be a fun two end to the week.

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