Thank you

I cannot express how proud I am of my 8th grade band. Their performance tonight at Tabernacle was inspiring.  Thank you to all those who helped setup and tear down. Still a lot to do this week. 

Tuesday: new member meeting at the HS for all upcoming 8th graders. 7pm at the HS band room. If you did not sign up originally for band and you would like to get your child signed up, this would be a great time to do it. 

Wednesday: jazz band rehearsal. 3-4pm

Thursday: band BBQ for ALL 8th grade band members, regardless of whether you are moving up to the high school. 5:30pm warmup time at the HS. Uniform is band polo, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Come get some BBQ and watch your kids play with the HS marching band. It’s gonna be awesome. 

Friday: 9:30am meeting in the cafeteria for all Chaperones and students attending the Carowinds trip. Then we hit the road. Your child should go to school until 9:30am or else they will be marked absent. Itinerary will be released tomorrow. 

Thanks all, and bravo for a fantastic performance tonight. 

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