Private Lesson Instructors

Hello 7th and 8th Grade Band Parents,

As the year progresses the demand on your child to be prepared for playing tests and auditions will increase.  If you are looking for a great activity that will help your child not only in class, but also to help their maturity level and motivate them, nothing is better than a private one on one teacher.  At the bottom of this letter is a list of private instructors from the University of West Georgia.  Students who take privately tend to earn higher chair position results, have higher self esteem and are more likely to achieve a scholarship to college straight out of high school.  It is also the best way to make use of that investment you made in purchasing their instrument.

This year I expect to have a large amount of students interested in auditioning for the District 7 Honor Band, which is held on Saturday December 6th.  Getting your child a lesson once a week can increase their chances of helping them make the band.  I sincerely hope you will consider getting your child a private instructor and sign your child up to audition for the District 7 honor band this year.

All lessons should be scheduled independently between you and the instructor so that it will fit your schedules, and they should all occur here at CJHS after school.  The instructors will contact me with their times and I will make sure they have a nice place to do your lesson.  Your child should not need more than a half hour lesson, once a week, and should be no more than $15.




Oboe / Bassooon:


French Horn:



Baritone / Tuba:


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