8th Grade Night and TROJAN BAND Info


Tuesday:  We have our first and only rehearsal tomorrow from 3 – 4:30 pm in the CJHS Band Room.  Pick-up will be here in the band room, please be on time with pickup.

Thursday:  The 8th grade football game will be here at CJHS on Thursday.  Uniform will include the Shirt and Hat, and Khaki shorts and tennis shoes.

  • Please make sure your child has a plan after school from 2:50pm – 4:45pm.  Students are allowed to stay until the game, but it is recommended that they go home and come back.
  • Trojan band members need to report to the CJHS band room at 4:45pm for warm-up.
  • We will play at the CJHS practice field on the hill at 5:30pm.
  • We will eat pizza in the CJHS band room at HALFTIME.
  • Pickup will be at the CJHS Band Room at 7:00pm.


Next week Thursday September 3rd, the entire 8th grade band will rehearse with the High School Trojan Marching Band from 6 – 7pm.  Drop-Off should be at 5:30pm and pickup will be at the HS band room at 7pm.  The band will perform Friday September 4th with the HS band at the football game for the entire duration of the football game.  More info about the game TBA.

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