8th Grade Awards Night at Tabernacle Church Performance

CJHS Awards Banquet Performance at Tabernacle Baptist Church

NEXT Monday April 27th, 2015

This is a very important and mandatory performance for all 8th grade band students.  We will be performing for our entire community of parents as well as many school board members and our superintendent.  Please do not miss this performance, it means a lot.

UNIFORM:  Students will not be required to wear their band uniform; boys should dress in a shirt and tie, and black or khaki pants and dress shoes.  Girls should dress in something formal, or something you would wear to church.

5:45pm:  Arrive at Tabernacle Baptist Church and get setup.  Low brass and school owned instruments will be on the band trailer at the back entrance of the church.

6:00pm:  Warmup and Tune on stage

6:30pm:  Perform as the opening act of the CJHS Awards Banquet.

6:50pm:  Finish and case instruments.  Students receiving awards from the school will go to get lined up, all others are dismissed with parents.