Festival Reminders

The final rehearsals are in the books and the bands sounded fantastic today. We are soooo proud of their hard work this semester. When looking ahead to Monday’s performance we need to remember that this experience is not about the destination it’s about the journey. Our students have come a long way in the last two and a half months in there musicianship, maturity, and performance skills. We are looking forward to showing them off at Woodland High School on Monday. 

Please see previous posts for the itinerary. 

Also please double check uniform parts. Students should be wearing. 

  1. CJHS Band Polo
  2. Black Formal dress pants (no black jeans, or tracksuit bottoms)
  3. Black formal shoes (all black, no sneakers or high tops)
  4. Black Tall Socks for the boys. 

7th grade chaperones report at 9:30 AM to the CJHS Band Room

8th Grade Chaperones report to the CJHS band room at 2PM and meet with Mr. Carr. We will already be at Woodland and will meet you at dinner. 

The students already know the expectation level for there behavior, and the exact procedure to follow throughout the day so this should be an excellent experience for all involved. 

If you can come out Monday at 2PM or 6:30PM to support us that would be great. 

Thanks all.