Christmas Concert

As you all know, tomorrow is our annual Christmas Concert. This concert will run from 7-8pm and will feature our 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Bands. With over 300 students performing we have a few important instructions to tell you about before arriving tomorrow night.

All band students should arrive in uniform prior to the start of the concert. 6th grade band students should arrive promptly at 6:30pm and report to the stage. 7th grade students should arrive at 6:45pm in uniform and report to the warmup room backstage to the right with their instrument. 8th graders should report at 6:45pm in uniform and report to the front right wing of the auditorium to watch the 6th grade band.

Student cell phone use will not be allowed please ask your child to leave their phone with you or turn it off beforehand.

Uniform will include the following:

CJHS Band Polo
Black DRESS pants (no jeans)
Black DRESS shoes (no sneakers or athletic trainers)
Black socks.
Shirt tucked in.

Please be sure to inspect your child to make sure they have the correct uniform parts before arriving.

There is no charge at the door and we expect all parents to stay for the entire concert and enjoy all of the holiday music. We look forward to seeing you there.

Mr. Huls and Ms. Menendez