Monday: Percussion Ensemble until 4:15

Wednesday: Jazz Band until 4:15

Good morning,


Congratulations on a WONDERFUL L.G.P.E. performance! All three bands performed beautifully and received excellent feedback from the judges. It was our first year ever taking three groups to LGPE and it was an honor to represent our school and band program with some of the best students in the school. Congratulations to all. Thank you to Mr. Carr, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Boyle, and Ms. Castaneda for ensuring that the students traveled to and from safely. Thank you to Mr. Carr for conducting in my absence. I hope that our students realize how lucky they are! Additionally, I am so fortunate to work and live in such a supportive community. Thank you to my village for supporting my family during this difficult time. My father loved the Carrollton bands and would have smiled ear to ear hearing our programs this week.

Jazz Band Field Trip

Our field trip to the State Capitol is going to be on March 30th! We just need those in Jazz Band to fill out this Google Form for us. The field trip is going to cost $15, but if you need any help financially please reach out. Thank you! 


Reminder: To participate in this trip, you must also go to rehearsals. We are moving through the music quickly and it will be very hard to catch up.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


Ms. Menendez