Winter Concert Information

Good evening,

I am so excited for you all to hear your students perform on Tuesday! Our concert will be at 7 PM at the Mabry Arts Center. Student report time is 6:30 and they can wear either all black like our last concert or black on bottom with festive clothing on top.

Please remember that part of the experience is for both grades to observe one another’s performances. Listening to other ensembles perform is one of the best teaching tools. 8th grade will sit in the audience to watch 7th grade and then will take their place on stage after they are done. At that time, 7th grade will sit in the audience so that they can watch 8th grade perform. All students are dismissed at the conclusion of the concert.

Please keep in mind that the CUES band concert begins at 6 PM on Tuesday. There will be more traffic than usual but there will be plenty of seats for our concert.

7th graders will enter in the back of the MAC to wait in the drama room until the CUES concert concludes. They will leave their cases in that room.

8th graders will need to wait in the lobby until the CUES concert concludes.

Once the CUES concert concludes, 8th grade will station cases in the garage as usual while 7th grade sets up on stage.

To reiterate:

Concert Date: Tuesday, December 14th

Concert Time: 7:00 PM

Report Time: 6:30 for all students

Uniform: All black with the option to wear festive shirts, sweaters, and hats

Report Location: 7th – Drama room, 8th – Lobby

Have a wonderful rest of your evening!


M. Menendez