Trojan Band Game

Good evening,

I am excited about this Saturday, the 28th! Our Junior High football team will host their first home game of the year and we will be there to support them. Trojan band is an optional activity but we have a LOT of students signed up this year. I am so excited for the community to hear what great things your students are doing.

Itinerary for Saturday is estimated and I appreciate your flexibility as we adapt to playing games on Saturday rather than Thursday nights. We are excited to face some new schools in this new region.


12:30: Report to CHS band room (Don Hall Band Room)

1:00: Warm up inside band room

1:45 report to stands

2:00 Game begins

4:00 Game Concludes. Student pick up at CHS Band room

Volunteers: Please report to the CHS Band room at 12:15. I will use your help to fill up coolers with ice, set up water bottles and food, and much more. I appreciate your willingness to help!

I am looking for a volunteer to pick up the pizza from American Pie around 2:15 on Saturday. Please let me know if you are willing to do so.

Uniform: White Trojan Band shirt (set to be delivered this week) and shoes and shorts of your choice. Sun glasses and hats are highly recommended as our students will face the sun when they play.

I look forward to seeing you all at the game on Saturday!


M. Menendez