Week at a glance

This week:

Wednesday: Jazz band until 4:15

Good evening,

This week was full of truly incredible moments. Our students overcame so much and culminated this concert cycle with a stellar performance at the Carroll County Performing Arts Center. I am beyond thankful to our band staff, volunteers, and our students for all that they did leading up to this week and the days of the performance. It truly takes a village!

Our students are hard working, professional, resilient, and so much more. Both groups earned a Superior rating on stage. The ratings are listed below to give you an idea of what each rating means:

The following ratings are awarded by each of three adjudicators in GMEA performance evaluations (selected text from the Adjudicator’s Guide to LGPE): 

Superior (1): Outstanding performance. Worthy of distinction of being recognized as among the very best. 

Excellent (2): Unusually good performance in many respects, but not worthy of the highest rating due to minor defects. A performance of distinctive quality. 

Good (3): A good performance, but not one that is outstanding. Shows accomplishment and marked promise, but lacks one or more essential qualities. 

Fair (4): A performance that shows some obvious weaknesses, generally weak and uncertain. 

Poor (5): A performance which reveals much room for improvement. The students reveal almost a complete lack of preparedness and understanding.

I have such a sense of pride in our program and all that we represented this week. Thank you so much to all for attending the after school rehearsals and working each and every day towards this performance. I hope that it is as memorable to you all as it was to me.

Looking ahead:

Our next chair test will be Thursday, April 1st. This will assign our chair placement for our Spring concert.

Our Spring concert is May 25th at 7PM at the Mabry Arts Center.

Each group will have one rehearsal for this concert. The dates will be announced as soon as I can make sure that there are no conflicts with field trips. Thank you for your patience.

Have a great rest of your night.


Ms. Menendez