LGPE Concert Cancelled

Good afternoon,

As I am sure that you have heard, our school system has cancelled our after school activities for this evening. This includes our LGPE performance unfortunately. The weather coming from Alabama is predicted to be severe.

At this moment we are working to see if we can squeeze in our 7th grade band tomorrow during the school day. Obviously this may not be at a time that all of you all can watch your student perform, but allowing our students to perform this concert that they have worked so hard for would be incredible.

IF the Performing Arts Center allows us to perform tomorrow to make up our missed concert tonight, then I will notify you all of the time as soon as possible. The other groups performing tomorrow may be on a delayed start due to the weather as well so it may be difficult to squeeze us in. Thank you for your flexibility and know that we will cross that bridge if and when we get there.

The students have been incredible this year and have grown so much. I am extremely proud of this 7th grade group and hope that if we cannot perform tomorrow, that we have the largest audience ever at their Spring Concert later this year! They deserve it!

Stay safe tonight.


M. Menendez