Chair Test Results

Good evening,

This has been one of the most successful chair tests that I have administered at CJHS. Students are performing their etudes with such maturity and are playing more scales than ever. I am SO proud of their hard work and cannot wait to hear them again in the Spring when we have our next chair placement test. You will notice that some students have “*Have not tested” beside their name. Once they return and perform their test or send in a recording, I will adjust the results as needed. At Home Learners are also welcome to submit a chair test and may still do so until the end of Thanksgiving break.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you see an error on the results. The spreadsheets are large and my small brain does make mistakes sometimes.

Spirit Jacket Order:

There is still more time to purchase a band jacket. All orders will be made through the following link:

I highly recommend paying the extra $5 to add the name and instrument to the jacket.

The jacket order will conclude on on November 22nd so that we can get the jackets in time for the holiday break.

Congratulations to you all and have a fantastic break!


M. Menendez