Cookie Dough Delivery/DHB

Good morning,

Cookie Dough:

Our cookie dough is set to be delivered on Wednesday. Students will report to the band room at the end of the day (there will be an announcement made) and will collect their boxes to bring home. If your student sold more than 10 boxes then I recommend arranging for them to be a car rider on Wednesday. If they absolutely cannot and are a walker or bus rider then they will need a buddy to help them carry their boxes.

Thank you again for your participation in our first fundraiser of the year!

District Honor Band:

Our students have been working on their District Honor Band etudes in class. This is a great opportunity for students to compete to be in an honor band that is comprised of the highest level band students in our district. I have posted a few paragraphs below from the sign-up form that they will receive in class tomorrow as well as a PDF version of the form.


Each school in Georgia is zoned to a specific district.  District Honor Band participation and All-State Band Participation is looked at very highly by colleges and employers because of the extra time and the personal responsibility it takes to successfully audition and make one of these prestigious bands. With the current pandemic, the district is still finalizing the details for the district honor band event. Tentatively, it is still scheduled for February 11th-13th. 

Students wishing to audition for the District Honor Band must pay a fee of $5 to participate.  This is recommended for 7th graders or first time auditioners.

Students wishing to participate on a higher level can pay an additional $25 ($30 total) in order to be considered for the All-State audition, if their District audition score is high enough.  This is recommended for 8th grade students who either auditioned or made the District Band last year.

Timeline and Calendar:

November 13th – All forms and Fees are due. $5 for DHB or $30 for DHB and All-State Fees.

December 3rd and December 4th –  Mock audition for Ms. Menendez in class or after school. I will notify the students if I feel that the student is not ready this year to submit an audition to the district. 

January 1st – video submission due to Ms. Menendez

February 11th- 14th: District Honor Band event. 

District Honor Band Form and Permission Slip

Please let me know if you have any questions!


M. Menendez