August 6th Update

Video Attached Below for those who do not want to read: (Video Update will not be included with every email, but occasionally when I feel it is necessary) *Enjoy the flattering thumbnail 🙂 *


Band Forms and $ Due: August 25th. Due for a grade!

Carowinds is getting finalized for 8th grade. A chili cook-off is a fundraiser idea that I have come up with in the Fall to lower those fees. We would charge admission and people would donate their chili in hopes of winning a prize. Jazz bands from the Junior High and High School would perform and perhaps even our marching band. If you have any more ideas, please let me know!

Calendar is ALMOST ready. I will publish what I have in regards to concerts and rehearsals tomorrow. Specific dates that are not settled will be added as soon as possible. Please aim to have all of your students at rehearsals. Each member counts!

We have a fantastic Revtrak site for our school that allows for you to pay online. Our band has a page there that is great for paying band fees, District Honor Band fees, replacing your performance polo and many other things.

Donations: There is a donation link on our Revtrak site that you may choose to give to. Any little bit counts. If you have a specific need that you would like to donate to please let me know. We are in a great need for reeds for our woodwind players. Having four working reeds allows for a better sounding instrument and cycling out reeds will make them last longer and save you money in the long run. I encourage all students to buy a box of reeds at the beginning of the year. Below is a link to and the specific reeds that we use if you are willing to donate or if you have yet to purchase yours for the year: Please make sure that all reeds that you purchase are strength 3


(Vandoren Strength 3 Clarinet Reeds)

(Vandoren Strength 3 Saxophone Reeds)

(Vandoren Strength 3 Tenor Sax Reeds) *Donations of these would really help!*

(Vandoren Strength 3 Bass Clarinet Reeds) *Donations of these would really help!*

Thank you for your support of your child and our band program. Have a fantastic rest of your Sunday!


Ms. Menendez