A Heartfelt Thankyou

Hello all,

It is very hard to put into words at a concert on stage of how proud I am of all my students and the wonderful program we create together.  I am so thankful to my admin team, band faculty, and most importantly all of my awesome band parents. Because of your work at home with your children they are growing up to such fine ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you all again.

Here is some information regarding summer stuff.


Here are some independent opportunities if your child likes to attend summer band camps.It is my recommendation that your child attend a summer music camp, every single student I have ever had that has gone to one of these camps has come back a better musician, and had so much fun along the way.

University of Georgia Summer Music Camp


Encore Band Camp


Athena Music Camp


New Notes Middle School Band Camp


Vivace Summer Band Camp

Click to access VivaceCampFlyer2016Complete.pdf

email:  director@vivacecamps.com


Summer School Owned Instruments Check-Out

Current 7th Grade students will be allowed to check out their school owned Tuba, Baritone, French Horn, or Low Reed Instrument.

Current 8th Graders will need to contact Mr. Carr if they wish to check out a summer school owned instrument.  chris.carr@carrolltoncityschools.net

Thanks again Everyone

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