Monday May 1st Performance (8th grade)

Hello all,

On Monday May 1st the 8th grade band will play at the Tabernacle Baptist Church to open the CJHS Awards Evening. 

Here is the timeline: 
3:30-4:30:  Parent volunteers meet at Tabernacle to help setup. Please email me if you plan on helping setup. 

5:45pm: Students should arrive early and be seated by 6pm. School owned instruments should get them off the truck. 

6:30pm:  Perform

7:00pm: Students go get setup for receiving awards, others may leave. 

8:00pm:  Awards night ends, all students must go back to the stage to get instruments  and help pack up the truck. 

8th grade band students will not need to wear their band uniforms. They should dress nicely however. Boys should have nice slacks and a polo or shirt and tie. Girls should wear nice pants and a blouse or a dress. 

This performance is mandatory for all 8th grade band members regardless of whether they are receiving an award. 

Thanks all

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