This Week in Band

Hello All,

I thought I would send out a few friendly reminders about the activities happening this week in band as we have a few of them.

Tuesday – Pre-LGPE (festival) Concert   7 – 8:45pm

  • 7th graders arrive in full uniform, shirt tucked in, at 6:30pm and report to the stage.
  • 8th graders arrive at 6:45pm in full uniform, shirt tucked in, and report to the blocked off area of seats with instruments put together.
  • This will will be a very long concert with a lot of fantastic music, if you need to leave before the end please do so between bands during the transition and not during a bands set.  I would ask that all JH band students watch each other before leaving.


I will have a sign-up sheet at the concert for those that wish to come.  I have around 6 – 7 parents that have contacted me about coming as a chaperone.  I will need much more help.  If you can come and help the band I will pay for your lunch / dinner.  Please consider coming and helping out, this is one of the most fun events of the year for the kids.


If you would like to sell AYP cards at the concert please let email me, or come up and see me at the event.  We will be selling throughout the concert.

Thanks all.

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