Power School Check

Hello All,

All of my grades are now current in the grade book.  The current final grade consists of three assignments:

Participation:  100 points (any points lost here were from not being prepared, or being a distraction in class.)

Paperwork:  50 points (this is the behavior contract that went with the handbook, you can print it again from the “Forms” section on this website if you did not turn it in)

Fall Chair Test:  100 points (this was a comprehensive test on a minimum of 2 scales played correctly, a prepared solo, and a sightreading line.  This test can be made up before or after any class, any day.)

Please remember that my class is a performance based class that requires several hours of practice at home each week.  If your child has a lower grade you may want to talk with them about their practice plan at home, and how they can prepare to make up their grade and prepare for future tests.  Please see my previous post about private lessons as well for extra help.

Thanks all, still several weeks left in this nine weeks to make up any grades.

Mr. Huls

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