Carowinds May 6-8th

Hello all 8th grade band parents. After speaking with my tour company and getting feedback from the students I have decided the best step toward keeping the trip on course with what we have planned is to go the weekend of the 6th – 8th. 

I had two students that could not switch to that weekend and we are going to get them a refund on the money they have paid. To switch it would be rescheduling far too many vendors and would ultimately make the trip not as fun for all. 
I want to sincerely appologize to you all for making such a large mistake. If you know me, I hope you have seen that I am very organized, this mistake has really been a tough one to swallow and one that I will learn from in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I certainly do have the best band parents in the world. 

Thank you again. 
Mr. Huls

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