Pre-Festival Performance Tomorrow

As you all know our pre-festival concert is tomorrow night at the Mabry Center for the Arts. The concert starts at 7pm and features four of our bands that will travel to festival from CJHS and CHS.

This concert is very exciting because it will be the first time the JH and HS bands have performed on the same concert since I have been a director here. At the very end of the concert after the CHS wind ensemble finishes Mr. Carr will announce next years big trip for the marching band. This is especially exciting for rising 8th graders as they will be eligible to go on this trip. 

Please keep these things in mind as you prepare for tomorrow night:

  • 7th graders need to arrive at 6:30pm in uniform and report to the stage. 
  • 8th graders need to report at 6:45pm in uniform and report to the seats. 
  • Parking will be tight and getting into the Mac takes a bit longer with the HS construction. Be patient and polite. 
  • Please stay for the entire performance. And be as quiet as possible throughout the entire performance.
  • Please collect your child’s cell phone prior to the concert starting. They will not need it during the concert. 

Thanks all. We are looking forward to performing for you and our guest judges tomorrow night. 

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