Playing Test Reports

Hello All

I thought I would let you know that I have finished chair testing for 7th grade and most of 8th grade.  I have filled out playing test reports for all 7th grade students and handed them back.   8th grade will come back next week.  These reports are designed to let you know what was expected, how the student performed and what they can do to improve.

They will need to be signed by a parent, and returned for an assignment worth 25 points.

When you see your child’s grade report I want you to know that this is just the first take, many students should try again to earn more points.  A lot of students did a great job preparing but more can be done to reach a perfect score.  Their were very few perfect grades.

I hold practice sessions every morning at 7:15am for any students that need help, I also stay after school until around 3:45pm each day.  I will also hear students do retakes before or after class.

Thanks all.


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