Month: April 2015

High School Band Auditions and Parent Meeting Tomorrow

Hello 8th grade band parents,

I thought I would remind you all about tomorrow’s audition for all 8th grade students moving on to the high school. 

Nothing looks better than a 4 year commitment to a high school band program on a transcript. Even if you did not sign up for the band classes, or you are on the fence about enrolling your child, you can still audition and we can get their schedule changed immediately. Please make sure to audition tomorrow. 

The audition will take place after school for all Junior High and High School students. Following the audition process there is a meeting at 6pm. 

The parent meeting at 6pm is very important so please plan on attending. 

We look forward to seeing you all there tomorrow night. 

Joe Huls

Band and Chorus Awards Night Volunteer Info

Hello 7th and 8th grade band parents,

In order to run a fun and safe event next Saturday I will need several parents to volunteer.  Please check one of these areas in which you can help on your child’s form before they turn it in.

Parent Volunteer Choice

Job Description                                                                      Number Needed

____  Decorating / Set Up  (Friday Apr. 24th at 3pm)                                         4

____  Snack Table Attendant (6 – 7:30pm)                                                        2

____  Snack Table Attendant  (7:30 – 9pm)                                                       2

____  Registration Table  (6 – 7:30pm)                                                              2

____  Registration Table  (7:30 – 9pm)                                                              2

____  Coat Check Table  (6 – 7:30pm)                                                               2

____  Coat Check Table  (7:30 – 9pm)                                                               2

____  Photography Assistant  (6 – 7:30pm)                                                        1

____  Dance Floor Monitor / Floater  (6 – 7:30pm)                                             8

____  Dance Floor Monitor / Floater  (7:30 – 9pm)                                             8

____  Parking Lot Monitor  (8 – 9:30pm)                                                             2

____  Clean Up (9 – 9:30pm)                                                                               8

Thank you for considering a volunteer position.  We will need as many eyes in the room as we can get next Saturday night.

Joe Huls

Band and Chorus Awards Night Info

Band and Chorus Awards Night Information (7th and 8th graders only)

Dear Band and Chorus Parents,

Coming up in April we will be having our annual Band and Chorus Awards Night.  For the parents of 7th graders this is a new event for you and we would like to let you know about the nights activities, and how you can get involved to make it another great chapter in this traditions history.

Here are all the details:

  • What: Band and Chorus Awards Night
  • When: Saturday April 25th from 6 – 9pm
  • Who: 7th and 8th Grade band and chorus members. They will be allowed to invite a 7th or 8th grade friend from CJHS only.      (We will not be allowing 6th graders or 9th graders)
  • Where: The CJHS cafeteria.

6pm – 7pm –  We will offer pictures with a professional photographer for students and their friends.

7pm – 8pm –  There will be food and drinks in the cafeteria, and we will hand out awards for chorus and band.  Parents are all welcome to attend and enjoy the food.

6pm – 9pm –  We will have a DJ playing music so the kids can dance and have fun.  Parents may choose to have their students involved in this part, if not then we should be done with awards by 8pm and you may leave.

Price:  $5 per person ($10 total for a couple)

Food:  Students will sign up for one item to bring, this will be a 2 liter of soda, salty snack, sweet snack, dessert, punch, cookies etc….

Volunteers:  We will need a lot of volunteers to make this event run properly, and to max out our supervision.  Also we would like to see a lot parents their just in case their child wins an award.  Attached to the letter will be a volunteer form where you can check the area in which you would like to help out.  Please fill it out and return it with your child.

Please Read:  Your child may choose to dress up for the evening.  We would like to see the students to look nice, but more casual.  A prom dress and tuxedo will not be needed, and certainly a limo will also not be needed.  We would like each student to feel comfortable at the event and we do not need to have students feel bad about being under or over dressed.

IMPORTANT:  Please fill out the volunteer and registration form if you would like your child to attend and return it with $5 ($10 for a couple) cash or a check made out to CJHS Band.  This form needs to be returned by Tuesday April 21st, students will not be allowed to enter without this signed form from their parents, and the parents of the person they are bringing.

We will need a lot of parents involved to make this a special night so please look carefully into helping.  Thank you again for all your support.

Joe Huls                                                                               Dawn Marie Schafer

CJHS Band Director                                                          CJHS Chorus Director

3-30 After-School Practice Session with CHS Band Members

A very successful Monday practice session was held this week! We were fortunate enough to have our high school band director, Chris Carr, along with his leadership candidates down here helping our middle school students. His students are in the middle of a their weekly leadership clinics that will end with an interview for a position as a leader in the CHS Trojan Marching Band. We hope that they gained some valuable experience in teaching others. The sixth graders spoke very highly of the experience and  gained not only knowledge on their instrument, but encouragement to become better musicians and Trojan Band members. We are so thankful for the high school band directors for their assistance in the younger grade levels and for ensuring that all of the band programs in our school system are held to the Gold Standard.

Enjoy some pictures below!