7th Grade Intermediate Band

7th Grade Band builds upon the work done the previous year as we continue to build your child’s skill level, music reading level, and musicianship level.  More is required from 7th grade of band students,  but that is what makes it such a fantastic learning opportunity for your child.  It is in 7th grade that your child will learn important virtues like preparedness, punctuality, how to work as a team and how to take constructive criticism.

The students will perform at our usual Christmas and Spring Concerts, but they will have two new unique challenges presented to them.

District Honor Band

Starting in August we will begin preparing for District Honor Band Auditions.  Each school in Georgia is zoned to a district, ours is in district seven.  Each district is given audition materials to distribute to our students and an audition is held, two large bands are picked from the highest scoring students at the auction to make up the district honor band event which is held during the second semester.

We will work on audition materials in class and it is my hope that your child will audition for the DHB, more info will be released as we get closer to the audition date.

Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE)

In March the 7th grade band will travel to Woodland High School to perform for our state run music festival called LGPE.  We have to play 3 contrasting pieces of music for an audience and 3 judges and then sightread a piece of music we have never seen before, and will only have 6 minutes to prepare.  This unique challenge is one we have been very successful at mainly because our students attend all of the after school rehearsals and performances necessary to be successful.  This is due to the awesome parental support we have here in Carrollton for our band students.  Please check the calendar for upcoming rehearsal and performance dates as the year progresses.

Keep in mind that all after school rehearsals must be attended, if a conflict with another after school sport or club is an issue the student will need to split time between the two activities.  Because of our awesome staff and coaches in our system this is well understood, please communicate to any coaches prior to the season starting about any band conflicts, and plan to do half and half.  In the case where their is a band rehearsal on the day of a game or culminating event you should attend that game or event full time.  Any questions or concerns should be communicated to the directors.

7th graders will also have a chance to take part in fun band activities such as Trojan Band, Jazz Band, and Band and Chorus Awards Night.

The students will follow the Georgia Performing Arts Standards for Intermediate Middle School Band.