Month: March 2018

No Jazz Band and LGPE Schedule

Good morning,
First of all we will not have Jazz Band today or next Wednesday. (Next Wednesday is LGPE for 8th grade)
Below is our LGPE schedule. Students will need to bring $7 for dinner at American Pie.
7th Grade LGPE Schedule March 13th
2:45- Report to band room
3:15- Departure to performing arts center
3:30- Arrive at performing arts center
3:40- Watch band
4:30- Warm up
5:00- Perform
6:00- Depart for dinner
7:15- Arrive at CJHS
8th Grade LGPE Schedule March 14th
3:30- Report to band room
4:00- Departure for performing arts center
4:20- Arrive at performing arts center
5:30- Warm up
6:00- Perform
7:00- Depart for dinner
8:15- Arrive at CJHS
Please let me know if you have any questions!
M. Menendez

Almost There!

Dear all,

A glance at our week ahead:

Tuesday: 7th grade last rehearsal before LGPE from 3:30-5:00

Wednesday: Jazz Band until 4:30

Thursday: 8th grade last rehearsal before LGPE from 3:30-5:00

Please ensure that your students are present for their rehearsal. This is our last chance before we are evaluated next week at LGPE.

Itinerary for LGPE will be sent out later this week.

I hope that those of you going on this amazing trip have begun paying for it! Don’t let the deadlines sneak up on you! Super Holiday Tours has 4 deadlines for payments, and one is quickly approaching! March 23rd is the due date to have $459 paid on each account! Remember, you have already paid $50 as a deposit, so you will need to have paid an additional $419 by March 23rd. Super Holiday Tours will be handling delinquent accounts this time.

ALL travelers need to register on the Super Holiday Tours Website at and going to Online Trip Registration. Our trip code is: CHS 30117-18B. Please complete that registration ASAP! All the accounting for the trip is being done by them so they need you to register so they can apply the funds you have paid to your account.

AYP!!!! Please continue selling AYP cards. We still have plenty left. $15 cash or check (made out to CJHS Band)

-M. Menendez

Jacket Order/AYP/Rehearsal

Good morning,

8th Grade After School Rehearsal:

A quick reminder about our after school rehearsal this afternoon for 8th grade. This time together is precious! Many of the judges told me about making sure that the two classes practice together to nail down some of these parts. I told them that we had two rehearsals left and that we would work very hard at them. I look forward to diving in this afternoon!

I am going to run over the jacket orders today during my planning to Ozier Apparel. If you have any orders past this point you will need to deliver the form and money to them yourself.

213 Ave C Carrollton, GA 30117

Keep selling AYP cards please!!! Make sure that you aim to sell at least five so that you get a free one for yourself.

M. Menendez